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Low Profile Fan & Shroud Packages

Electric fan brackets attached to the radiator results in under utilization of the core in the areas that is not covered by the fan and possible damage to the core itself.  U. S. Radiator has developed a line of aluminum shrouds that cover the entire core.  The shrouds are coupled with a SPAL Thinline fan with a total depth of 2-5/8" that will fit most tight applications.  The shrouds are available in satin, polished and black finishes and will attach to copper/brass and aluminum radiators.  Contact us for specific shrouds that will compliment your current radiator line.

Part Number Fan Size Depth CFMs
STL11 11" Thinline 2-5/8" 810
STL14 14" Thinline 2-5/8" 960
STL16 16" Thinline 2-5/8" 1300
SHP16 16" High Peformance 4-1/2" 2360
STLD9 Dual 9" Thinline Fans 2-5/8" 1080
STLD11 Dual 11" Thinline Fans 2-5/8" 1620
SHPD11 Dual 11" High Peformance Fans 4-1/4" 2720